Artist Poyzen will be performing FEB18th Sho-Time Battle Rap League’s Dress 2 Kill

Rashunda Ivey Styles better known as Poyzen is an American rapper and songwriter.  Born and raised in Phoebus, Virginia better known as 249. Poyzen began her rapping career in the late 1990s.  Poyzen always had a love for writing which then grew into love for rapping.   While in high school Poyzen won an audition which she then opened for Flesh Bone at Hampton University.  During the years of 1999 – 2000, Poyzen performed at different showcases throughout Hampton Roads.  In January of 2022, Poyzen won a showcase for her song Hot Summa which was featured on the local spotlight on 103 jamz with DJ Jack of Spades.  In February of 2022, Poyzen won another showcase for her song Power Flower which was also featured on the local spotlight on 103 Jamz with DJ Jack of Spades.  Some of Poyzen's greatest hits are Hot Summa and Lady Gangsta. You can find Poyzen’s music on youtube, Itunes, apple music, and spotify.



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