Karine “Sho-Time” Thornton (Medium Articale)

Karine “Sho-Time” Thornton and Tony Stanz are Dominating Epic Rap Battles

Karine “Sho-Time” Thornton and Tony Stanz are two of the most iconic and underrated artists in the rap scene today. They have both been in the game for some time, dominating rap battles and various performances. It’s about time that they get the mainstream spotlight. 

Tony Davis, better known as Tony Stanz, hails as hip-hop’s true “Working Man.” After many years of winning incredible rap battles, he has become a veteran of the critically acclaimed Lyricist Lounge. Tony Stanz currently has eight battles cataloged with thousands of views from rap enthusiasts in the country and across the world. The artist also prides himself on doing seven albums so far. Tony Stanz’s three most recent albums are called Working Man, Still Working Man, and Nothing’s Off Limits. 

Karine “Sho-Time” Thornton is also a legend in rap battles. In June 2015, he founded ShoTime Battle Rap League, a platform that provides battle and exposure opportunities for upcoming artists. Sho-Time saw a need to provide rappers with a platform in the music industry that would welcome everyone from all walks of life. 

On top of ShoTime Battle Rap League, Sho-Time has also previously established his brand, SHO-TIME TV, as a legitimate media outlet back in 2010. The brand consists of media, film, daily news blogs, and comprehensive content about the music industry. Asked why he built such platforms, Sho-Time said that he understands how hard it is to launch themselves in the business. “Believe in themselves and don’t wait for someone to discover them when they already know they’re great. The whole point is to enjoy doing what you love and be paid for it,” Sho-Time said. 

Sho-Time is a native of Bronx, New York, and he has always had a love for arts. After attending the High School of Art and Design, the rapper studied architecture and animation. He used his knowledge from his previous endeavors to build his brand. Besides, Sho-Time is a master of marketing that utilizes post boosting, product placement, and strategic promotions across his social media accounts. Sho-Time has been featured in major outlets such as NBC, Fox, ABC, NY Weekly, and Entertainment Monthly News because of his undeniable talent and work ethic. 

Sho-Time is a genuine jack of all trades because he also holds the title of an influencer and a prominent rap personality. He has also worked with major companies such as Def Jam, Sony, and Universal, hosting and judging various artist showcases and concerts. Sho-Time is perhaps the most determined rapper in the industry. “Tell me I’m not going to do it, I’m going to do it three times,” the rapper said. 

Tony Stanz is one of the rappers who makes killer beats and fantastic music with incredible wordplay on the Sho-Time Battle Rap League. Together, Sho-Time and Tony Stanz are capturing battle rap fans all around the world. What’s even more amazing is that both artists go above and beyond what audiences expect from rappers. Despite their success, Sho-Time and Tony Stanz remain humble. They perform with a high level of integrity, honesty, and respect for hip hop, other rappers, and themselves.

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