Rap Battle Legend and Rising Star Karine Thornton, popularly known as Sho-time, is making several avenues for up-and-coming hip hop artists to promote their brand in the rap industry. As a multi-faceted artist, he reaches new heights in the industry by using other media to his advantage. 

As a Bronx native, he developed an interest and appreciation for hip hop music tradition and culture at an early age. He studied in the High School of Art & Design like other hip hop artists, such as Mobb Deep and Young Money recording artist Jae Millz. During his formal education, he met and linked up with Tron on the Beat, a talented producer, and artist, who inspired him to create his music without fear of being different. 

In setting a new standard and tone for hip hop music, he expresses his identity, message, and emotion with every single beat. Working with companies such as Def Jam, Sony, and Universal Recordings Studios, he currently has two albums, namely ‘Necsere Advances’ and ‘Winning’, that have captured the hearts of his fans and hip hop lovers nationwide. 

With his passion for rap and the industry, he founded Sho-timetv in 2010, in which he uploads videos of today’s up-and-coming acts and mainstream artists. He has also interviewed the cast of the hit show on the OWN Network, The Have and Have Nots and Love Thy Neighbor by Tyler Perry. Being immensely talented in his craft, he has been featured on many radio stations nationwide and was invited to host and judge countless showcases and concerts across the board. Over time, he worked with popular sites such as Urltv, Vladtv, WorldStarHipHop.com, and WhatsHotinHipHop.com. 

In establishing himself and his brand, he wanted to use his practical experience in helping rap artists develop their careers in music. “I wanted to create a platform for myself and others to be seen, and I always enjoyed music and fell in love with shooting music videos”, says Sho-time. 

On June 1, 2015, he founded Sho-time Battle Rap League organizing an epic roster of battle rap acts from around the world to compete in one of many of the respected Battle Rap Leagues ever to grace versetracker.com. Initially, he wanted to create a career for his artists, Ms. ILL, Fly Mugga, Confetti Da Reala Soulja, and Distruck. Years later, it has become a whole creditable battle rap league. 

Aside from his musical endeavors, he pursued a career in film and television. He has played the lead role in PPRESSED: A Battle Rap Film by Vera Edwards and Ricardo Cordero from Street Line in 2016. Other films in which he has appeared are Rodent the Urban Soap Opera, Perate, Chicken Waiting 4 Mr. Wright, and A Teenage Story. Given his deep involvement with Street Line films, he became the casting director for PPRESSED 2, which is currently in the works. 

Showing no signs of slowing down, Sho-time is everywhere when it comes to rap. With various films, television shows, and rap music in the bag, the former battle rapper inspires others in the industry to look for ways to challenge themselves and promote their craft. 

Learn more about Sho-timetv, Sho-time Rap Battle League, or his upcoming films, shows, and music by visiting his website.