Sade Lamiere The Latest Female Rapper to Enter the Conversation

Bronx based female Rapper Sade Lamiere has stunned listeners with her latest single Only Fans. Released March 5th 2021, the  single is growing traction and gaining visibility and so is Sade Lamiere.  The song differs from the current mainstream female rap ; which at the moment consists of high energy dance tracks that are geared towards the TikTok craze that emerged  along side the Covid 19 pandemic. The song does not reference the website Only Fans, a platform where public figures  can charge fans for exclusive content which is sometimes explicit. “Only Fans” is a  tale of Sade Lamiere’s interactions with fake friends and “haters” and struggles living and growing up in the the housing projects of nyc. 

Sade lamiere is independent as proclaimed that she will remain independent until she is respected enough to have full creative control over her brand. Many  major labels would probably cringe at the thought of a female rapper altering  the formula that is currently pulling in millions of dollars. 
However it has been imperially proven that a new approach can garner much success. If we look at stories of artist like Eminem who was heavily doubted by record label exes until he was,  the help of Dr. Dre, able to prove that his approach and style to rap would be loved by many. 

Although new to the conversation , Sade lamiere is no new comer and has been in the New York City night life and music industry for some time. She explains  “Everybody I would meet would treat me like I’m nobody, like I didn’t deserve that chance or that feature, until I learned how to build my own value through having solid music, branding and a marketing strategy. For a long time I was  insecure and damaged, once I healed those demons and released them through my music, I  began to receive a different energy from people and seeing progress in my music career.” 

Sade Lamiere was first spotted on several New York Drill Spotify playlist with some of New York’s hottest rappers such as  Pop Smoke and  Favio Foreign, for her song Baby Mama 2 released in 2020. When asked about her goals she said “ I’ve been on tv, I’m being stopped in the streets by fans, I’ve attended exclusive events with the hottest celebrities in the games, But I still live in the projects with dirty hallways and roaches outside my door. The anger of living like this is my motivation to work harder and my goal is to purchase a home paid in full and to have a lot of fans connect with me and my music.” She went on to say ”In the words of Biggie I’m just tryna make some money to feed my daughter.” “Only Fans” is available on all major streaming platforms.

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