Female Rapper Sade Lamiere a longtime friend and business associate of Sho-Time Karine Thorton and the Sho-timeTV network is making major waves in the music industry. She began rapping at the age of 16 years old at the recommendation of her mother, who had unfulfilled dreams of becoming a rapper in the 90s.  Although She had an appreciation for the craft, Sade Lamiere did not take music seriously until she was 23 years old after her first visit to a professional music studio. She would then spend several years developing both her writing and recording skills. At age 24, Sade Lamiere and CEO of Sho-TimeTV Sho-Time Karine Thornton met through a mutual friend. Throughout their relationship he exposed her to the New York City Music Industry and the vast opportunities that exists within that world. Sade Lamiere credits Sho-Time Karine Thornton to teaching her how to grind and being a major influence in her journey in developing the confidence to be in the spotlight, which is a requirement in the entertainment industry. Sade Lamiere dropped several singles on YouTube and Sound Cloud and dropped her first mixtape in 2018 called “Escape From NYCHA.” Which can be found on She utilized this time to explore and define herself as an artist. In 2019 Sade Lamiere took a year off of music and began freelance acting and modeling and featured in several music videos including Jadakiss and Rick Ross Kiss The Sky and Mr. Cheeks - New York.  In 2020 Sade Lamiere finally decided to open her content up to major streaming platforms and dropped 9 singles which can be found on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and Deezer. Sade Lamiere gave Sho-timeTV exclusive information that she is planning on dropping between 20-30 singles in 2021 . The future looks promising.

Instagram: @lamieretheartist 


Twitter: demprettyeyez 


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