Corey Bailey has a heart of gold and a voice to match.

Born November 11th 1993, in Queens, New York, singer-songwriter, Corey Bailey has a heart of gold and a voice to match. 

Virginia raised Bailey cultivated his gift of song at the early age of 3. Corey knew then, that being a musician was his calling. 

Influenced heavily by the southern soundtrack of his childhood along with his northern roots, Corey began to write and perform his own records. Compelled by gospel music and the brilliancy of legends like Al Green, Otis Redding, and Luther Vandross, Bailey's road to stardom had been paved. Modern artist like Mario and Ne-Yo have also motivated Corey to devise a unique  style of his own. 

Bailey's musical gifts don’t stop at his vocal instrumentation. He is explosive in the field of storytelling, holding back nothing while recreating life experiences for relatable audience perceptibility. Driven by passion and a desire to remind his generation of who came before him, Corey’s neoteric renditions are usually incorporated with some old school soul. Bailey's 2017 Hip Hop and R&B single “Shut it Down” is a solid example of how versatile the young vocalist  can be. 

As Bailey’s music career began to take shape, he was able to land notable performance gigs at Disney World in 2008, the annual Apple Harvest Festival from 2007-2009, the Miss West Virginia Pageant in 2015, and the Clarke County Music Festival leading to an appearance on Fox 5 news also in 2015. 

More currently, Corey has been performing at some of the hottest nightclubs and lounges in New York City. Not only does Bailey sing to entertain, he sings for a cause. Corey's 2017 performance at Aloha NYC was a special part of a Save our Kids charity event. Proceeds went to children suffering from the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. While sending messages of love and hope, Corey's compassion illuminates through his commitment to touching lives with song. With a growing fan base stretching from the DMV to NYC, Bailey is well on his way to making a difference in the wor 

ld of music. 

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