Hitta Castro AttachmentsSat, Feb 13, 10:53 PM (12 hours ago) to me Hitta Castro is a Puerto Rican artist that is very diverse from doing music of Hip-Hop to Pop & Latin Trap. Hitta Castro has worked with Snow Tha Product, Skinnyfromthe9, China Mac, Cuban Link, Shawty Lo & many more. From 2008 Till 2021, Hitta Released 4 Studio Albums `` I Am S.A.M ( Strictly About Music)" "Hittazone" "Sofrito" " I Will P.U.S.H". Hitta also tapped into acting where he was in two movies " Change Of Plans God's Way" & a extra In the movie " The Polka Kings" alongside Jack Black.. Hitta Castro, he attracts people of all ages, his individuality makes way for fresh sounds and timeless talent in today's uniform industry.Known for his bold style and intricate sound, he is easily set apart from the conventional industry standard and is consistently evolving as an independent artist. Notorious for his vibrate personality, he effortlessly dominates any stage. 
 Always leaving the crowd wanting more ... Hitta Castro above all lives for his Supporters and encourages them "not to follow him, but to follow their dreams''. To live like Gods & Goddesses, Kings & Queens. They would all agree he never disappoints by always bringing the passion and intensity necessary for his unique sound. If you ever get to meet him, you'll understand why his favorite words impact those who cross his path: "Never Stop Doing What You Love"”

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